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 “Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” Peter Druker (management consultant, educator and author whose writings contributed towards the foundations of modern business corporate).
Recently I saw this quote posted on Linkedin.
There were quite a few comments posted under the quote, but one contributor made a brief reference to the fact that success is linked to being able to remain focused on and follow successful strategies.
This led me to think about what it means to be able to not just make courageous decisions, but also to be able to fathom what is the appropriate strategy to keep moving towards success; and how to avoid distractions that may inhibit advancement towards the outcomes the successful business owner is looking for.
In my experience, this is often where the new or small business owner needs assistance (perhaps from a professional - e.g. a coach; or other business owners - through networking forums).  Those who are creative thinkers can sometimes be their own worst enemy because these often brilliant new ideas can distract them from the path that has already been decided on.
Attending business network meetings is helpful but at the same time, a new or small business owner can be presented with so many options relating to everything from insurance to internet marketing, it’s not easy to make the right 'courageous decision' that will grow their business.
In the hope of gaining a competitive edge, business owners often try to spread resources and energy across too many 'ventures' at once and for some, without having an independent 'sounding board' this may actually impede success.
Finding a business advisor or coach to help work through how a new idea may fit in with existing strategies that ultimately lead towards the business owner’s goals can be enormously helpful and can not only keep them on track towards the success they're looking for but help them make better decisions about how ‘spend’ their time, energy and money.
Perhaps this is the time for another courageous decision!

If you would like a 1 hour consultation to change your current approach towards innovation and start making better decisions about how you spend your valuable time, energy and resources, please give me a call.


What constitutes 'personal success'?

Big things are bound to happen and whilst every new year we see reports on the internet of ‘the last 10 years in the news’ – I’ve found there’s little focus on the really brilliant things that happened over the last decade. Of course technology is always up there – but what about personally – what big things have happened in your lives over the last 10 years?

For me a review of the decade of course shows both inspiring and challenging events, not the least of which was losing my Dad, but of course at almost 92 – even he would have said he’d had a good innings (he was happy when he beat his Dad’s record of 86! – funny what inspires us).

My top 10 positives would be:

  1. January 2000 my daughter and I moved in with my Dad – and until his death in 2007, these were some of the most extraordinary and rewarding relational experiences of my life
  2. Making a decision and undergoing training to become a Success Coach and converting my full time employment to part time to care for Dad (2005)
  3. Starting my own coaching and consulting business to fit alongside my part time employment (2006)
  4. Consulting at a school in the Western Suburbs working with the principal, teachers and students to create a values based culture and rewards program (2006-2007)
  5. Giving up ‘working for the man’ part time in favour of increasing my hours in my own business and still fitting that around caring for Dad plus the flexibility to give my daughter the attention and support she needed during her final two years of high school (2006-2008)
  6. Facilitating the Certificate IV in Small Business Management under the New Enterprise Initiatives Scheme (NEIS) and Case Management with the Youth Pathways program across 6 high schools (2007-2009)
  7. Developing the Aspiring Women concept with Bravo Communication, running co-hosting and presenting a workshop at our ‘Women in Leadership’ event (2009)
  8. Employing my daughter in my business under a 12 month Traineeship (2009) as her first job post HSC
  9. Meeting countless amazing small business owners through a variety of network forums (2006-ongoing)
  10. Taking on the Project Management side of things for the Max Potential Youth Leadership program with Future Achievement Australia (2011-ongoing)

I’d love to hear your top 10 achievements of the last decade have been too, so why not shoot me through an email at [email protected].

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“Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.” - John Maxwell
“Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” Peter Druker

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