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'Wishful thinking is easy.  It's only in action that the true value of a dream is realised'. 

 I was talking to a client late in December and discussing what had they found valuable from our sessions together as far back as 2010 and they told me that the above comment I'd made during one of our earlier sessions had really impacted them.  This one comment (in context with the session mentioned) was so impactful they could even tell me the date of the session because they'd written in their diary, put it on sticky notes in their office and home study and had looked at it every day until it became their own personal mantra. So much so that it had changed the way they looked at not just carrying out actions following all of our sessions since, but in their approach to all areas of their life. 
Prior to coaching, this person was a self confessed procrastinator and is now someone who is realising their own success, based on the confidence they have in themselves and their ability to not only take immediate action to get started, but in following through on their professional and personal commitments.
Over the years I have met many people who have lost a certain amount of confidence in themselves, who had ‘bent’ to fit in with their work environment, lost the joy of being free to use their creativity in a role and who had eventually become ineffective in that role. Sometimes even changing jobs thinking they could find a ‘better’ job in a different place and start ‘fresh’.
What I found was that the real reason behind the move was more because they had made their own job intolerable by always trying to please everyone and often taking on additional tasks to seem more capable and as a result, more valuable. Inevitably this made it impossible to meet deadlines making the person appear to supervisors and management as someone who was ineffective at managing their time and ironically less valuable as an employee.
How was I able to relate to these clients and help them? Because I had personal experience in this area and had repeated the cycle over and over in every corporate role I took until one day I decided that maybe I needed a new perspective. 
How did I get this new perspective? – I found myself a good coach!
For me – the ‘epiphany’ came with a simple comment shared with me by my coach. A little more obvious to most people than the one shared with my client in the first paragraph and of course every person has their own ‘moment of clarity’ or ‘aha’ moment. Mine was the simple comment ‘You have a choice’. In context – ‘in every thing you do or say (or don’t as the case may be), you have a choice’. This was extraordinary thinking from the perspective of where I was at then. 
Like my client mentioned above, this became my mantra. It was written on every page of my diary for the rest of that year and was my ‘welcome’ message on both my phone, home and work computers when I turned them on every morning.
Of course, this wasn't the only strategy my coach taught me to change from dysfunctional to functional behaviour.  Understanding where this behaviour came from was crucial to effecting a true sense of making lifelong choices that create positive experiences and the level of confidence to truely succeed in all areas (based on an individual's concept of success).
So what about you? Are you ready for your ‘moment of clarity’? What will your mantra be this year? Why not phone us on 1300 893 810 or fill in the form on the 'contact us' page now and start creating your inspiring future today!

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At Embrionics, we are passionate about being the best we can be, so that we can assist others achieve the success they've longed for. 

It could be creating a successful career; business; or turning your current successes into something even greater!  Maybe you're looking to achieve optimal health; or find that one special relationship that's been missing in your life. Maybe you want to strengthen existing relationships? For some of our clients, it's about achieving financial abundance and establishing 'balance' across all areas of their lives.

Would greater success in any of these areas make a difference in your level of satisfaction with life right now?

I've heard it said that 'life's like a board game, with the instructions on the outside of the box.' 

That's where we come in. We specialise in helping people unlock the hidden secrets to success. We can help you work out how to get from within your current circle of influence (inside the box) into a larger, more successful circle (outside the box), if that's your desire. We can help you get from wherever you feel you are now, to a place where success becomes second nature.

The next step you take could be the one that puts you on an exciting and rewarding path to that life you've always wanted, where you too can have, do and be everything you've dreamed of.

Think of that well known question about the half glass of water.  Is it half full or half empty?  Is it half started or half over!  One is exciting and encouraging and the other may seem depressing or daunting. Changing our perspective can often lead the way to a brand new start in life.  You know what people say, you only get one shot at life, so why not choose to live it to the full?

If what you've read so far strikes a chord with you, why not contact us to book an introductory coaching session and start creating your inspiring future today?


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“Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.” - John Maxwell
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